Friday, 6 April 2012


Vertu n.(also virtu).Objects of art considered as a group.

Welcome to the Museum for Objects of Vertu. The contents of the museum have lain undiscovered for a long time in the minds of many people. now fully restored they are presented here in their proper context.Some are in cases to protect them from harsh reality, others expose themselves to closer scrutiny.What they all have in common is the joy of a once loved object, well handled and used, now brought back to the attention of the present.
A well loved thing retains a memory of an existence defined by its owner.A group of objects left in a dressing table drawer are part of the other world created in their possessors mind , part of a machine that they make to invent themselves. A dress that has crumbled to dust becomes a poisonous version of itself, a metaphor for the desire to be inwardly beautiful through instant gratification. In this way the memories that we leave behind reform themselves into a version of us that we have no control over but it is the most long lasting, the most profound.
It is only our favourite things that we think reflect our true selves but they will leave us behind and become loved once more by another owner. They represent a jigsaw that is us but what was the picture on the box ?

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